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Imelda Deheer

Worcester/HerefordshireMember Since: March 2017
I am a full time artist living and working in the Worcester/Herefordshire area. I work with acrylic paints on many surfaces and sizes. I also use pen and ink in a contemporary way creating unusual pieces from everyday subjects. My art is influenced by the visual world as seen from nature, by travel, internal emotions and narratives that move me to paint. I seek to capture the essence of movement with an aim to retain the original beauty that inspires me to paint a particular subject. I studied Graphic Design from the age of 16 at Scarborough Technical College and then Cumbria Institute of the Arts, with a value for traditional art studies. The design element is evident in my work by creating clear lines and often vibrant colours based on a simple yet striking background to enhance the foreground subject. I often create art from photographs that are either provided or taken/researched by me, subject to the commission being requested. I understand that an art brief involves a process between the client and the artist, which requires an ability to listen carefully to a clients requirements and work through any adjustments (if needed) once compositional sketches have been created and agreed upon. Thus negotiating what the client envisages along with my style of art. Once I begin painting I proceed quickly, in relation to the size being worked on, and with attention to detail to complete a project within the time frame needed.

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