About Us

About us

danielBlueprint Tiger was founded by artist Daniel Papandreou. A graduate of the Worcester School of Art, Daniel was looking for a way to bring artists and clients together. Blueprint Tiger was his solution: an enterprise that allows art-lovers and businesses to commission new works. For artists, Blueprint Tiger gives them an easy way to tender for new work, and to get their work seen online.

Daniel feels strongly that in the twenty-first century, art comes in all shapes and sizes. Blueprint Tiger therefore works with artists of every type – from tattoo artists to illustrators, digital artists to graphic designers. And because consumers of art are equally diverse, Blueprint Tiger serves the needs of everyone from commercial enterprises to private individuals. Whether you’re looking for someone to illustrate your latest instruction manuals or you want beautiful pieces on the walls of their home, our aim is to find you the right artist.

Daniel is constantly impressed by the depth of artistic talent in the Worcester area and is determined to bring it to a wider audience. Blueprint Tiger therefore especially encourages local artists to get in touch.

Blueprint Tiger is a young company and growing all the time – you can follow developments in the Blueprint Tiger story on Facebook and Twitter.